From birth to death, life is a dangerous thing.
The brave pass through it without care for the risks.
The prudent take precautions.
The cowardly are afraid of everything.
But ultimately, what happens to each one is only what the Supreme Will has decided.

19 June 1966
- The Mother


Death is not at all what you believe it to be. You expect from death the neutral quietness of an unconscious rest. But to obtain that rest you must prepare for it.
When you die you lose only your body and at the same time the possibilities of relation with and action on the material world. But all that belongs to the vital world does not disappear with the material substance; all your desires, attachments, cravings persist with the sense of frustration and disappointment, and all that prevents you from finding the expected peace. To enjoy a peaceful and eventless death you must prepare for it. And the only effective preparation is the abolition of desires.

So long as we have a body we have to act, to work, to do something: but if we do it simply because it has to be done, without seeking for the result or wanting it to be like this or like that, we get progressively detached and thus prepare ourselves for a restful death.

If you wish to escape from death, you must not bind yourself to anything perishable.
One can conquer that alone which one fears not, and he who fears death has already been vanquished by death.

- The Mother

Poets make much of death and external afflictions; but the only tragedies are the soul's failures and the only epic man'striumphant ascent towards godhead.

- Sri Aurobindo


1. Why are men obliged to leave their bodies?

Because they do not know how to keep up with Nature in her progress towards the Divine.

2. Should one respect the body of a dead person? If so, how?

One should respect everything, living and dead, and know that everything lives in the Divine Consciousness.
The respect should be felt in the heart and the inner attitude.

3. Is the Divine there in the body of a dead person?

The Divine is everywhere; and I repeat that for the Divine there are no living or dead—everything lives eternally.

4. What should we do to make the soul happy, so that it reincarnates in good conditions, for example in a spiritual environment?

Have no sorrow and remain very peaceful and quiet, while keeping an affectionate remembrance of the one who has departed.

5. Do souls weep?

When something separates them from the Divine.

6. How can one stop someone from weeping?

Love him sincerely and deeply without trying to stop his tears.

- The Mother


Old Age and Death

Only those years that are passed uselessly make you grow old.
A year spent uselessly is a year during which no progress has been accomplished, no growth in consciousness has been achieved, no further step has been taken towards perfection.
Consecrate your life to the realisation of something higher and broader than yourself and you will never feel the weight of the passing years.

21 February 1958
- The Mother
Let us give joy to all for joy is ours. - Sri Aurobindo